>Bavo Van den Heuvel
Bavo Van den Heuvel
Partner @ Cranium
Bavo is Data Protection Officer since 2004! More than 450 GDPR projects at Cranium. Bavo Van den Heuvel is commercial engineer, FIP, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPP/IT certified and obtained the certification as ISO27001 Lead Auditor, Forensic Computer Auditor and Health and Safety Officer (level 3). He became Certified European Privacy Expert for Technical and Legal evaluations of Products and Services (CEPE TL PS) at EuroPrise in 2018 and is ready for future GDPR certification audits. At the IAPP he trained hundreds of people. He is recognised as a true specialist in applied privacy and IT-security.
He is co-founder and Director of Product Innovation at CRANIUM and data protection trainer at CRANIUM Campus.