>Reinoud Reynders
Reinoud Reynders
Senior IT Manager @ UZ Leuven / Nexushealth

When Reinoud Reynders, Senior IT Manager at University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven), took responsibility for migrating the institution’s complex portfolio of applications to DB2, there was a lot more at stake than mere bits and bytes. Patient care at UZ Leuven depends on accurate and highly available data that underpins 200 distinct software applications at the heart of the hospital’s operations. UZ Leuven is one of Belgium’s largest hospitals and one of the most respected medical institutions in Europe. A Red Cross award-winner for excellence in hospital management, UZ Leuven was the first Belgian hospital to win accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) for high standards for care quality and patient safety. Building on this reputation, UZ Leuven had ambitious plans to work intensely together with eight other healthcare providers to form a new group: Nexus Health. The heart of this collaboration is the hospital information system of UZ Leuven. Reinoud Reynders is 48 years old. After his study, master in bio-engineering at the KU Leuven, he started working at the University Hospitals of Leuven in 1995. After different functions, he is now the IT-manager infrastructure & operations and he manage a team of 56 people. His team is responsible for the whole infrastructure, security, operations and helpdesk of the hospital IT and for the SAAS-infrastructure of nexuzhealth, a spinoff of UZ Leuven that offers electronic patient records in a collaborative SAAS model. In his free time he likes traveling, sailing and running.